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BURT crane & rigging supplies cranes with competent, conscientious operators and crew for any project.


Our progressive attitude has always placed us at the forefront in providing the most technologically advanced equipment. We are leaders in the area, being first with All Terrain Cranes and computer monitoring of our loads. Our 80 ton Krupp Crane was one of the very first in the United States.


We work closely with industry associates to provide the ideal piece of equipment for each of your individual projects. In addition to the in-house fleet topping out at 500 tons, we can provide any size and configuration to meet the requirements of the project. 

Our cranes are ready for immediate dispatch! Contact us about crane rental services today. 



Safe, expedient erectors surpassing the competition with innovative, efficient methods.

We specialize in non-routine erecting jobs. Whether it is steel, precast, bridges, parking garages or buildings, our crews safely handle thousands of tons of material each week.


Combining the knowledge of five generations with the technology of today for each individual project.

We work with customers to seek out the safest and most efficient method possible for the project.  It is BURT crane & rigging's philosophy to incorporate all the factors into the job - not just those pertaining to us - to deliver the total project.


Because we own the right gear, we are able to expedite the equipment installation process for you. This means minimal impact to the job site and your crews are not waiting around for days. This in turn keeps your costs down.


Our commitment to you is as follows. Our riggers are our riggers. We continually train our crews in our specific areas of work. They are not pipe fitters nor any other trade. This means we are fully dedicated to you, your project and never in competition! 


(left is trolley from historic Watervliet Aresenal Building 110 we took down weighing over

350,000 pounds 80 feet in the air)




Organizing and coordinating complex operations for you here

and around the world.

We offer receiving, warehousing and delivery options for all projects as well. Locally, you can have your equipment shipped directly from the manufacturer to our yard conveniently located in Green Island, adjacent to Interstate 787.


We offer indoor and outdoor storage options for short-term or long-term durations. We then deliver and install when your job is ready for the equipment. We assemble shipments of equipment for delivery around the world.



Safe and reliable hauling with a large variety of quality trailers, flats, lowboys and more.

We routinely permit and haul over dimensional loads. We are on a first name basis with the management of the Department of Transportation. Every year, we add new pieces to our fleet.


What good are heavy tractors and all wheel drive transporters without the right trailers? Available for immediate dispatch: slide axle, high flats, single drops, double drops, stretch lowboys, lowboys, vans, modular transporters, and goldhofer.



Strong and stable forklifts with 90,000 LBS capacities.


Our versatile forklift fleets roll on solid, pneumatic and non marking tires and can take your material and equipment from job-site delivery to clean room final placement and anywhere in between.

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