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VERSION 1.13, September 8th, 2022

The privacy of all our Users are very important to BURT Crane & Rigging as well as Blue Rider Designs, LLC. When you, as an App-user, use the app BURTcrane, we process your Personal Data. This Privacy Statement below describes how BURT Crane & Rigging and Blue Rider Designs, LLC. safeguard and process your Personal Data. This Privacy Statement applies to all Apps owned by BURT Crane & Rigging as well as those Apps built and the Services provided by Blue Rider Designs, LLC. We recommend that you read this policy statement carefully and understand the policy before using the App. BURT Crane & Rigging and Blue Rider Designs, LLC. attempt best effort in maintaining the app, disclosing information to the end-user, and ensuring that end-user’s information is private.

1. Who is BURT crane & rigging and Blaue Reiter Design?


BURT Crane & Rigging is a private company providing a variety of services such as cranes, rentals, rigging, hauling, and more to the New York – Vermont area. BURT Crane & Rigging supplies a large fleet of advanced equipment and offers the best of project management, personnel, and industry technology. Their App BURTcrane offers a load chart database of their fleet to their customers and prospective customers. Blue Rider Designs, LLC. is a private company providing design and development services to the New York area. Blue Rider Designs, LLC. contractually developed and designed BURT’s app under a previous business name, the Boley Group, Inc. but now maintains BURT Crane & Rigging’s Load Chart Database App through Blue Rider Designs, LLC. The Service and Websites of BURTcrane are marketed and operated by BURT Crane & Rigging as well as Blue Rider Designs, LLC.
You can reach BURT Crane & Rigging by phone and/or email:                                                                
Phone: (518) 271-6858                                                                                                                    
You can reach Blue Rider Designs, LLC. by phone and/or email:                                                               
Phone: (518) 227-0127                                                                                                                    

2. Who are BURTCRANE App-builders & App-owners?

App-owners are individual persons or companies that hire Blue Rider Designs, LLC. to build apps for their users. The App-builder, Blue Rider Designs, LLC. is responsible for their own actions and behaviors regarding the buildout of the App and the software in which they choose to use to build the App. Software used to build Apps cannot and will never be responsible for the behaviors and actions of the App-owners and App-builders. 
App-owners and App-builders will together be mentioned hereafter as Parties. 

3. App


When referred to the App, it includes the mobile application and its related Services tied to BURT Crane & Rigging as well as Blue Rider Designs, LLC.

4. What is stated in this Privacy Statement? 

Parties inform you in this Privacy Statement about: 
  • The kinds of Personal Data processed by Parties; 
  • The purposes for which parties processes Personal Data; 
  • Where the Personal Data are processed; 
  • The security measures in place to protect Personal Data; 
  • BURT Crane & Rigging’s limits of responsibility concerning third parties; 
  • Blue Rider Designs, LLC.’s limits of responsibility concerning third parties; 
  • Viewing, changing and deleting your Personal Data; 
  • Changes to this Privacy Statement; 
  • What to do if you have any questions or remarks. 

5. The kinds of Personal Data processed by the App 


A. Personal Data by Using the BURTcrane App.

In order to improve the App, Parties use anonymous Data. This information will not go public through the App or Parties’ services. Anonymous data is tracked for analytics, App Store and Google Play analytics, as well as Google Analytics.

B. Automatically Generated Information


Like most other websites and online services, parties gather and process automatically generated information about how you use their App. The information gathered includes your IP-address and/or a unique device ID.
If you specifically opt-in with third parties, the App may collect your geo-location information through third parties like Google Maps. In any event, you can block geo-location collection through the settings of your mobile device.
If you specifically opt-in to permit access and collection of information from your social media account, then your basic personal information in your social media account will be collected (such as your name and email address) as well as your social media user id (but not your password) and parameters related to the content you shared through the App. Please refer to the social media’s privacy policy for more details on how you can set the privacy preferences of your account to control the information that may be accessed and retrieved.
This also occurs regarding the automatically generated information about how you use the App. This kind of information helps us to better understand how the App is used, analytics, and how we can improve Services to suit the need of you as a user:
  • The moment you open the app;
  • Age range;
  • Gender (optional);
  • Location;
  • Platform/Browser;
  • Whether you are sharing out the App’s information database;
  • Tabs you’ve opened and the amount of time you’ve spent in tabs;
  • Actions such as opening urls, etc;
  • The moment you leave the app;

C. Cookies

Small sets of data may stored in the User's device. This enables the User to access the App’s data online and offline. If the User wishes to disable this feature, they may do so in the information button within the App. The User is aware that doing so results in having limited access to the App’s information and/or may not receive the most up-to-date information if the User is not connected to the internet.

D. Specific Information


The App-owner may ask you to engage in certain activities in the App, such as for example, filling out a contact form to receive a quote in which case you will be asked for certain personal information. This information will be stored in the databases of Blue Rider Designs, LLC. and will be shared with the App-owner, BURT Crane & Rigging.
When you upload Data including photos or a location in the App, this will be shared to the App-owner and App-builder.

E. Device Permissions


In the event that the User would like to receive a quote from BURT Crane & Rigging, they may contact BURT in the App and send a photo or location related to a Service they need. By uploading a photo into the contact form or dropping a location pin, the User may be prompted to grant the App permission to access the device camera and location. The User can opt out of this feature by disabling access in their mobile device settings but will not be able to send a photo or submit a location through the App. 

6. For what purposes do parties process Personal Data? 


A. Purposes 

Parties processes Personal Data for the following purposes: 
  • to enable you to use Services; 
  • to keep you updated with relevant information about Services; 
  • to inform you about BURT Crane & Rigging’s (other) products or services; 
  • to improve and/or customize the Services; 
  • to identify you and to prevent fraud; 
  • to provide support; 
  • to pass your Personal Data to third parties, if you requested us to do so or if we are legally obligated to do so. 

B. Transmission of Personal Data to Third Parties 

Parties do not sell, trade or rent your Personal Data to third parties without your prior consent. However, Parties can provide your Personal Data to third parties, when this is essential to providing Services to you.
Parties may provide “aggregated anonymous data” about the usage of the Services to third parties for such purposes as well, as it is deemed to be appropriate. “Aggregated anonymous data” is data that cannot be traced back to you and which therefore does not count as Personal Data. For instance, Parties may use aggregated anonymous data to better understand how Users use the App. 
In the event that BURT Crane & Rigging or Blue Rider Designs, LLC.’s services are transferred to a third party or that Parties merge with a third party, or undergo a reorganization, your Personal Data may also be disclosed and/or transferred to that third party. This third party will have the right to continue to use Personal Data and other information that you provided to Parties. Parties may disclose your Personal Data where they believe, in good faith, that it is necessary to comply with a court order, ongoing judicial proceeding, criminal or civil subpoena, or other legal process or request by law enforcement authorities or to exercise its legal rights or defend itself against legal claims.  

7. Where is the Personal Data processed?

The Services are provided by using hosting services of Amazon and/or Microsoft. Amazon and/or Microsoft states that it shall adhere to the Safe Harbor principles and it is affiliated to the Safe Harbor program of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This means that there should be an adequate level of protection for the processing of Personal Data by Amazon and/or Microsoft. Parties will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your Personal Data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy. 

8. What security measures are in place to protect Personal Data? 

The security of your data and that of other Users is very important to Parties. We have implemented technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. The App-builder, Blue Rider Designs, LLC. implements the following measures: protection of servers by firewalls, SSL connections and encryption of sensitive data through their third-party app building software. This list described is not exhaustive.  

9. Limits of responsibility concerning third parties  

Parties’ services may contain services and products offered by third parties, and/or hyperlinks to the websites or services of partners, advertisers and other third parties. 
Parties have no control or influence over the content, websites or services of these third parties. Different privacy policies may apply to the use of third party websites and services. This Privacy Statement only relates to Personal Data which has been obtained by Parties through your use of their Services for their own purposes. Parties do not accept any responsibility or liability for the content, practices or operations of third party websites and services. You understand that as a user, Parties are also not liable for any information obtained by third parties and that the Parties attempted best-effort with their security implementations listed in sections 7, 8 and 12.


10. Viewing and deleting Personal Data 

You may send a request to access or delete the personal information collected through your use of the App, by contacting us via You may be asked to provide additional information to verify your identity.
You should send a same request to the App-owner, BURT Crane & Rigging. The App-builder, Blue Rider Designs, LLC. and their respective third party software vendors are not responsible for the personal data collected by the App-owner. Please note that the revoking of such permissions could impact the proper functioning of the App.

11. Children’s privacy

Personal information about children is unknowingly or unintentionally collected.

12. Security

Measures are implemented to secure your personal information, to minimize the risks of damage, loss of information and unauthorized access or use of information. However, these measures are unable to provide absolute information security. Therefore, although efforts are made to secure your personal information, it is not guaranteed and you cannot reasonably expect that the App and its related databases will be immune from any wrongdoings, malfunctions, unauthorized interceptions or access, or other kinds of abuse and misuse. By using this App you acknowledge that in the event of any wrongdoings, malfunctions, unauthorized interceptions or access, or other kinds of abuse and misuse, you have waved your rights to claim and/or sue Parties and their third parties for damages, retribution, and due process. 

13. Changes to this Privacy Statement  

This Statement may be updated at any time. Parties will publish any updated version of the Privacy Statement via Services and through Parties encourage you to check this page from time to time to be aware of any changes to this Privacy Statement and to stay informed about how parties protect your Personal Data. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this Privacy Statement periodically and familiarize yourself with any updates. 
You agree to be bound by any of the changes made to this Statement. Your continued use of the App after the changes take effect will indicate your acceptance of the amended Statement. If you do not agree with the amended Statement, you must uninstall the App and avoid any further use of it.


12. What to do if you have any questions or remarks 

If you have any questions or remarks about this Privacy Statement, please contact the App-builder, Blue Rider Designs, LLC. by sending an email to  
This Privacy and Cookie Statement was last updated: 8th of September 2022.
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